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Hwang's Taekwondo demonstration
Form is sip soo. Breaking a total of 20 bricks with 5 different technics. Back fist, reverse knife hand, punching, elbow and knife hand! stacks get bigger and the last stack is the inch and a half thi...
Hwang's Taekwondo demonstrations
kicking an apple off the tip of a razor sharp sword. breaking a baseball bat with shin. kicking three boards and breaking seven bricks.visit our web site at
Hwang's Taekwondo Demo
This demo was made by Grand Master Hwang. I recorded the video at the Feb. 7, 2009 testing.
Hwang's Taekwondo Demonstration
breaking a wooden arrow against a board with the arrows tip against throat. turning side kick breaking three boards. breaking three boards using a speed break technique.visit our web site at www.mas...

Hwang's Taekwondo Demonstration
instructor Jason and instructor Vince doing a demonstration with another student.
Hwang's Taekwondo Demonstration
Instructor Vince and Sarah with Instructor Jason and another student